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Contemporary Native Art

Contemporary Native Art
March 15 – 29, 2024 — Santa Fe

Explore a meticulously curated collection of Contemporary Native American Art at Blue Rain Gallery, showcasing a diverse array of artworks, including Pueblo pottery, glass sculpture, jewelry, and paintings by featured artists including Dan Friday, Preston Singletary, Stetson Honyumptewa, Jody Naranjo, Starr Hardridge, Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano, Helen K. Tindel, Hyrum Joe, Ryan Singer, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Russell Sanchez, Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin, Margaret Bagshaw, Emmi Whitehorse, Michael Naranjo, Al Qooyawayma, Helen Codero, Margaret Tafoya, Nancy Youngblood, Nathan Youngblood, Arthur Holmes Sr. and Jesse Littlebird.

There will also be select works from private collections on exhibition, including artworks by Tammy Garcia, Allan Houser, and Tony Abeyta.

Featured artwork