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Allan Houser

Smoke Signals

#15/15, 53"h x 40"w x 26"d, Item No. 17192,

"Smoke Signals" is a captivating sculpture by the legendary Allan Houser, one of the most renowned Native American artists and Modernist sculptors of the 20th century. Crafted just a year before Houser’s passing, this sculpture features a young man adorned in Apache-style moccasin boots and a loin cloth, with a sheathed knife secured to his belt. Standing before the furling flames of a signal fire, the figure holds a billowing blanket aloft over his left shoulder and gazes skyward.

With his masterful skill and attention to detail, Houser breathed life into this sculpture and captured the essence of this timeless ritual. “Smoke Signals” invites viewers to contemplate themes of connection, heritage, and the enduring spirit of Apache and Native American culture. The piece is a treasured testament to Houser's enduring legacy and an invaluable addition to any art collection.