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Jesse Littlebird

Pueblo Wave No. 56

Oil, oil stick, aerosol and acrylic on raw canvas, 60"h x 96"w, Item No. 21418,

In this expansive composition on raw canvas, measuring 60 inches in height and spanning 96 inches across, the upper portion displays a tranquil taupe sky adorned with enigmatic oil stick symbols, their ephemeral presence lending a sense of mystique to the expanse.

The painting's lower half is teeming with elaborate energy—an intricate tapestry of patterns and motifs sprawls across the canvas. Two stark peaks rise like silent sentinels from a rich, complex palette of rustic reds, deep blacks, and powdery purples, with pockets of white, blue, and ochre. Densely decorated with myriad lines, designs, and symbols, the abstract landscape bursts with meaning and metaphor.

In “Pueblo Wave No. 56” Jesse Littlebird beckons viewers to embark on a vast, visual journey through the crisscrossed, interwoven boundaries between reality and reverie.

To learn more about Jesse Littlebird, his inspirations, and his method, watch and listen to Episode 74 of the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast.