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Spanish Market Group Show: El Moisés, Leroy Garcia and Larry Blissett

July 26th, 2016

Each year, Santa Fe comes together to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture of New Mexico during the Traditional Spanish Market. This year, Blue Rain Gallery embraces the diversity of our state by putting the spotlight on three artists who have combined their personalities and backgrounds to share their unique artistic expressions during this celebration of cultural history. The gallery’s exhibit will highlight the works of El Moisés, Leroy Garcia and Larry Blissett, who each provide a wide range of technique and varying experience levels while staying true to the roots and allure of New Mexico.

“Somewhere between fine art and folk art,” is how artist Larry Blissett describes his work after finding inspiration in the Hispanic art and culture of Santa Fe where he resides today. Larry began his career as a contractor in California and began dabbling in the world of art after work to keep busy. “I don’t take life so seriously,” Larry states as he describes the humor that stems from his personality and melts into his work. Although Larry is fairly new to the realm of art, he already has a strong following with fans appreciating his unique style, even finding poetic inspiration from his paintings. His abstract pieces are full of textures, muted colors and so much character that they can unknowingly display a smile on the face of the observer.

“En mi dominio, soy El Rey [I am the king of my domain].” Leroy Garcia began his art career as a “gallerista” when he founded Blue Rain Gallery 25 years ago. During that time, he became an expert in the technicalities of the creation process and discovered his love and appreciation for art by embracing the works of others. “In the more difficult times of life, it felt healing to get my hands in clay,” Leroy explains while describing his own work and recent collection of skulls that he brought to life through self-reflection. El Rey, El Fuego and El Macho, represent exactly what their names describe with accessories like bandanas, graffiti lettering and facial hair that bring these pieces to life. The collection is now available in a variety of mediums including bronze and cast glass.

“The voice of the contemporary Hispanic art movement,” is one of the best ways to describe the impact that the work of El Moisés has had on the Hispanic community and culture. El Moisés has taken his personal background in Mexican and Native American folk art to the entire world with works that can be found on labels, murals, books, motorcycles and so much more. The vibrant colors and cartoon-like narratives seen across his work convey a playful, humorous tone with a profound sense of the place and people El Moisés calls home.

Each artist brings forth a taste of New Mexico in the form of art and a flavor that is distinct to their individual backgrounds. What ties each of these artists together is the conveyance of personality that is seen within each piece and a sense of self that was built from the very land we celebrate today. Blue Rain Gallery invites you to come enjoy this group show July 22-31, 2016 in our Downtown location and celebrate the history of New Mexico with us in beautiful Santa Fe.


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