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Shelley Muzylowski Allen's Glass Compositions

September 15th, 2015

Glass composer, Shelley Muzylowski Allen creates blown glass animals crafted from the finest sediments of the earth. Her masterful pieces conjure imagery of strength, beauty, and divinity, connecting the most regal of beasts with ancient elements known to man. Her collection treads upon the sacred bond and intuitive pact that connect all species across the earth.

Allen’s glass animals are a manifestation of a deity. The animals embody spirit and imagination. When describing the material for her animals Allen declares, “the material chose me.” After the vigorous glass blowing process Allen incorporates other media such as horsehair, beads, leather, steel, and stone to compliment the glass and make the overall piece more tactile. Using organic material “heightens the contrast and brings out the element of surprise.” Many of her pieces are set upon a unique stone foundation, a foundation that Allen discovers and harvests while hiking and exploring the wild. She is always inspired by her surroundings.

Allen’s work is a contemporary manifestation of the sacred bond and connection we share with the many other species on this planet. Her creative process is informed by her rural lifestyle and the harmony she experiences with her environment: “My inspiration is a connection with the natural world. I live intuitively.” Allen responds to the beauty and grace of her surroundings and creates what she witnesses in her daily life.

Allen’s newest collection of glass sculptures will be displayed in her upcoming solo exhibition at Blue Rain Gallery entitled, Bellwether. When asked of her goal for this exhibition Allen clearly stated, “to capture bellwether,” and to have “each piece incite tension in the audience. I want to share with them a story leading them through my process-with the hope that their own story will come from it.”

Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe will debut Bellwether: New works in glass by Shelley Muzylowski Allen September 18 - October 10, 2015, with an opening night reception on Friday, September 18th from 5 - 7pm.


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