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Blue Rain Gallery's 2022 Glass Blowing Demonstration with Dan Friday & Preston Singletary

September 5th, 2022

Glass blowing demonstration with Dan Friday and Preston Singletary during our Annual Celebration of Native American Art.

Dan Friday is a Native of the Lummi Nation and a lifelong resident of Washington State’s Puget Sound region. Friday typically works with simple themes and forms to create stylized bears, baskets, totems, and salmon, employing subtle silhouettes and sometimes complex cane patterns. His glass- making practices include a combination of furnace sculpting and glass blowing, depending on the particular form he is seeking to create. Friday was recently featured on #Netflix #BlownAwaySeries Season 3. Be sure to stream it for extra Dan Friday content!

View available work by Dan Friday at Blue Rain Gallery:

Preston Singletary’s work utilizes themes of transformation, animal spirits and shamanism. A glassblower by training, much of his work is hand-blown and sand-carved—favoring the distinct and subtle qualities that sandblasting can bring to the glass while simultaneously conveying the stories of his culture on the surface of each piece through the use of meticulous formline design. Totem forms, large and small, are also a steady part of the artist’s vernacular. The totems are first carved in wood and then cast in lead crystal. Luminous and powerful in their presentation, these sculptures are a testament to the boundless creative vision of the artist.

View available work by Preston Singletary at Blue Rain Gallery:

Find Preston Singletary designs available at Blue Rain Print Shop:


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