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A Collectibility Comparison on Randall LaGro

June 18th, 2007
As I touched on in an earlier blog, collectibility of an artist is based on a few factors. I gave some suggestions to collecting and would like to relate a couple of these suggestions to a relevant artist as an example. Last week I wrote of Randall LaGro and his work. In comparison to my suggestions he is a perfect fit. This of course is subject to one’s personal opinion. I will base my comparisons on the knowledge I have of Randall LaGro and of those I know who collect his work. One of my suggestions was to find a work that was innovative. Innovative implies something unique and different. Randall LaGro creates just that. He creates works that are not abstract or based in realism, but are a hybrid of both. He creates a mixture of landscape and portrait art while adding outside elements such as lace in collage form. Another suggestion of mine was to look for work that is well executed and refined. Throughout LaGro’s career as an artist he has become more aware of his art and has fine-tuned his work. His pieces are well thought out and a piece is not considered finished until it contains all the elements he expects it to. His pieces contain figures and images that are meant to be there. Each piece looks and feels complete. We will be showing the work that Randall LaGro has completed over the last 6 months in Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM from September 15th thru October 1st. Come meet the artist and get a glimpse of who he is and what he feels about the work. Leroy Brown


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