Rik Allen

blown glass, glass sculpture

These works have been in the form of space craft, rockets, and scientific apparatus. In this way, art and technology share a symbiotic grace. Most of the current work is made primarily of glass and metal, which expresses a paradoxical symbiosis. The relationship between the rigid strength of …

These works have been in the form of space craft, rockets, and scientific apparatus. In this way, art and technology share a symbiotic grace. Most of the current work is made primarily of glass and metal, which expresses a paradoxical symbiosis. The relationship between the rigid strength of metal with glass and the apparent fragility creates an alluring tension. On the surface, these are interplanetary vessels--literally, transportive and technologically designed to explore the rugged desolation of outer space. Vehicles that have a rough, worn exterior suggest use, imperfection, and history. These crafts contain elements bundled within their transparent bulkheads: the center of these vessels is an exposed nucleus, or core, that may be seen to represent the incarnation of energy while representing both outer and inner spheres of exploration and curiosity. This theme of "futuristic antiquity" reflects my interest in the literary fictional worlds of Jules Vern, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clark, and Isaac Asimov and their influence on the scientific world. Inspiration has also been from reading the accounts of early scientific pioneers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as Nicola Tesla, Robert Goddard, Wernher von Braun, and other great scientific minds.

While many of my pieces have reference to my curiosity of science, it is also important for me to convey humor and the lighthearted fun that rockets and fiction embody. Presently, I am working toward exploring simple forms that lend a sculptural venue and provide a theater of the human condition, while also making work related to natural science and its parallels in our culture and the human condition, all wrapped up in the form of a rocket. How funny is that?

Rik Allen

Born: Providence, Rhode Island

1991 BA, Anthropology Franklin Pierce College, NH

Present Sculptor Mixed media
2009 Board Member :Glass Art Society
2008 May/August Assistant Artistic Program Director Pilchuck Glass School
2007 Scholarship Juror, Glass Art Society
1995 to 2007 Engraving & Cold work William Morris, Sculptor
1994 Teaching Assistant Pilchuck Glass School
1995 to 2002 Studio & Cold Shop Coordinator Pilchuck Glass School
1993 to 1994 Studio Assistant James Watkins Glass Studio
1992 to 1994 Studio Assistant Michael Schiener Sculpture Studio
1991 to 1994 Studio Assistant Jonathon Bonner Sculpture Studio
1991 to 1992 Studio Assistant Daniel Clayman, Glass
1991 Studio apprentice, Ceramics Lee Segal

September 2009 Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA
2007-2008 "Innersphere: Sculptural Works of Rik Allen"
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
November 16, 2007 - April 28,2008 Seattle, WA
2007 Traver Gallery "Innersphere" Seattle, WA
2006 Thomas Riley Galleries Cleveland, OH
2003 "Vestiges of Galactic Craft", Vetri Gallery Seattle, WA
2001 R.Duane Reed Galleries- Solo Show St. Louis
2000 Foster White Gallery Solo Show Kirkland,WA
1998 Foster White Gallery - Solo Show Kirkland, WA

2009 "Inspired by", Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA
2009 SOFA NY New York, NY
2008 SOFA Chicago Chicago, IL
2007 Palm Beach 3 West Palm Beach, FL
Pratt Fine arts Center Seattle, WA
2006 SOFA Chicago Chicago, IL
Palm Beach 3 West Palm Beach, FL LewAllen Contemporary Santa Fe, NM
2005 Thomas Riley Galleries Cleveland, OH
SOFA Chicago Chicago, IL
2003 William Traver Gallery Seattle, WA
"Looking North from Pilchuck" Group show Camano Island, WA
2002 Houston Center for Contemporary Craft Houston, TX
Goldesberry Gallery Houston, TX
Solomon Dubnick Gallery Sacramento, CA
2001 Holsten Gallery Stockbridge, MA
Gallerie Dorita Atlanta, GA
2000 Baisden Gallery- Group Show Tampa, FL
SOFA Chicago Chicago
R. Duane Reed Gallery Group Show St. Louis/Chicago
Gallerie Dortita! Group Exhibition Atlanta, GA
1999 R. Duane Reed Galleries Chicago / St. Louis
Holsten Gallery Stockbridge, MA
Gallerie Dorita! Atlanta, GA
Gallerie Alegria Birmingham, AL
Arts of Utah Gallery Salt Lake City, UT
1998 Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Port Angeles, WA
Pilchuck Staff Exhibit Foster/White Gallery Seattle, WA
1997 William Traver Gallery Group Show Seattle, WA
Poncho Juried Auction Seattle,WA
Vetri International Glass Seattle, WA
1996 Jewish Federation Mennorah Show Seattle, WA
History of the World Gallery Camano Is., WA

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2009 July Instructor- Sculpture Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA
2008 Instructor -Glass Penland Craft Center, Penland, NC
2007 Instructor- Sculpting techniques Toyama Institute of Glass, Toyama, Japan
2006 Instructor " Sculpture Techniques International Glass Festival, Stourbridge, England
2006 Instructor "Surface + Sculpture Pittsburgh Center for Glass,

Boeing World Headquarters Chicago, IL
Toyama Institute of Glass Toyama, Japan
Paul Allen Family Foundation Collection Seattle, WA
Betsy & Richard Ehrenberg Santa Fe, NM
Flying Heritage Collection Everett, WA

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