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Martin Blundell

Meandering Stream

Oil on canvas, Image: 20"h x 20"w, Frame: 21.25"h x 21.25"w, Item No. 21650,

Martin Blundell’s “Meandering Stream” captures a serene moment along a winding waterway beneath an overcast, half-light sky. The sky is a tapestry of light grey, mauve, slate, and lavender hues, with streaks of peach, coral, and burnt sienna blushing near the horizon. Below, the titular stream flows into the composition from the right, nearing the left edge of the canvas before curving back and widening in the bottom-right corner to flow on into parts unseen. The placid waters reflect and brighten the palette of the overcast sky, while the curved banks are rendered in shades of olive green and umber with more touches of sienna. Dark silhouettes of trees inhabit the tranquil setting, providing a sense of dimensionality and life.

“Meandering Stream” invites viewers to immerse themselves in the calm and contemplative beauty of nature, taking them to a picturesque scene that they’ll long to bring home with them.