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Martin Blundell

Once a Hay Barn

Oil on canvas, Image: 36"h x 36"w, Frame: 37.25"h x 37.25"w, Item No. 21648,

“Once a Hay Barn” depicts a classic gable barn with a prominent “crow’s beak” overhang jutting from the peak of its steeply pitched tin roof. Above and behind, a gradated azure sky provides a serene backdrop, with hints of expansive fields below the obscured horizon to the right of the structure.

The barn, its door open wide, is rendered in textured hues of rustic red, its roof a dark slate blue. A stainless steel overhead farm tank stands beside the barn, reflecting its humble, hard-working surroundings, and a fringe of greenery adorns the barn’s base. 

The lower half of the composition transitions from the paved road in front of the barn to a sloping field of mowed, golden grass. Hints of grey-blue therein suggest a recent rain or watering.

Blundell’s careful attention to detail and his masterful use of color bring this pastoral scene to life, capturing both the underlying functionality and the undeniable beauty of rural life.