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Martin Blundell


Oil on canvas, Image: 24"h x 36"w, Frame: 25.25"h x 37.25"w, Item No. 21653,

Martin Blundell's “Conifers” showcases a dense, shaded forest of evergreen trees standing tall before a fiery backdrop. The swath of sky in the painting’s upper portion is composed of intense gradients of purple, pink, and scarlet, capturing the warm glow of the twilight hour, in stark contrast to the dark blues, greens, and blacks that make up the wall of conifers that dominate the composition. The forest floor in the foreground is bathed in golden hues, adding a layer of warmth and light to the scene. Blundell’s deft use of bold, expressive brushstrokes brings the imposing trees to life, emphasizing the delicate, dramatic interplay of light and shadow within the dense forest.

“Conifers” draws viewers in as a tranquil yet striking work of art that commands attention and is sure to spark conversation in any setting.