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Episode 81: Erin Currier, Cave Temples & Compañeros

June 25th, 2024

In this episode of the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast, owner Leroy Garcia takes viewers into the home studio of celebrated painter Erin Currier. Together they examine finished and in-process artworks as Currier shares how her work is intricately intertwined with her life experiences and deep-seated beliefs about what it means to be human. They explore the vast world of Currier’s inspirations, including her passions for dance and poetry, and her adventures in India, Brazil, Argentina, and beyond.

In this intimate studio visit, Leroy Garcia and Erin Currier offer a captivating look into the artist's creative process and the profound influences shaping her art. Viewers of the podcast will get a sneak peek at Erin Currier’s newest works, which will be unveiled at Blue Rain Gallery in the Santa Fe Railyard from June 28 to July 13, 2024, with an artist reception on the opening night from 5-7 pm.

View artwork by Erin Currier here:

The Blue Rain Gallery Podcast is hosted by Leroy Garcia, produced by Leah Garcia, edited by Brandon Nelson, and music by Mozart Gabriel Abeyta.


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