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Kathryn Stedham

Low Moon Ghost Ranch

Oil on canvas, Image: 48"h x 48"w, Frame: 51.25"h x 51.25"w, Item No. 21784,

"Low Moon Ghost Ranch" beautifully depicts the serene and mystical atmosphere of a cherished landscape. Kathryn Stedham deftly renders the rugged terrain with a rich palette of warm, rusty reds and deep oranges, juxtaposed against the cool, lavender hues of the twilight sky. The infamous red rock cliffs are bathed in the soft glow of the low moon, which dominates the canvas with its luminous presence. The ethereal palette, smooth, flowing lines, and minimalist composition—a blend of realism and subtle abstraction—transport viewers to a tranquil and otherworldly landscape. Ideal for any fine art collection, "Low Moon Ghost Ranch" vividly honors the quiet majesty of the American Southwest.