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Kathryn Stedham

Easy Road

Oil on canvas, Image: 20"h x 24"w, Frame: 23.25"h x 27.25"w, Item No. 21774,

Painted during a live demonstration at Blue Rain Gallery's Durango location, Kathryn Stedham’s ‘Easy Road’ depicts a winding highway that passes by a lone mountain with a rugged, conspicuous peak. The landscape’s gold and beige palette complements the bright blue sky and contrasts beautifully against the charcoal-hued road. This warm, harmonious composition invites viewers to journey through the serene yet striking scenery, evoking a sense of boundless adventure and tranquility.

To learn more about ‘Easy Road’ and other works from this collection by Kathryn Stedham, watch Episode 82 of the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast here.