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Kathryn Stedham

A River Runs Through It

Oil on canvas, Image: 30"h x 40"w, Framed: 33.25"h x 43.25"w, Item No. 21769,

Kathryn Stedham’s ‘A River Runs Through It’ elegantly captures the timeless allure of a picturesque stretch along the Rio Chama. The water’s meandering current, bathed in soft blue hues, is framed by brush-lined banks, rolling hills, and distant mountains, their contours mirroring the river’s gentle curves. The scene is crowned with a sky of light pastel yellow, suggesting either dawn or dusk—those serene moments when time and water flow in peace. ‘A River Runs Through It’ invites contemplation and evokes serenity—ideal for a discerning collector seeking to infuse a sophisticated space with natural tranquility.