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Kathryn Stedham

1760 Las Trampas

Oil on canvas, Image: 30"h x 36"w, Frame: 33.25"h x 39.25"w, Item No. 21783,

In this faithful, plein-air depiction of the San José de Gracia Church built in 1760 in the hamlet of Las Trampas, NM, Kathryn Stedham captures the signature nuances and spirit of this hallowed place of worship. Pictured in pristine, freshly finished condition, the church’s smooth mud plaster walls glow against an azure sky adorned with golden-white clouds. The intricate details of its cross-topped towers, balcony, and beautiful wooden doors are rendered with great care and attention, showcasing Stedham’s profound respect for her richly historied subject. The front gate is open wide, beckoning viewers to admire this venerated landmark's timeless beauty and cultural prestige.

To learn more about the inspiration behind ‘1760 Las Trampas’ and other works from this collection by Kathryn Stedham, watch Episode 82 of the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast here.