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Roseta Santiago, Episode 55

May 14th, 2023

I paint every day that I can. And every day I have something new to say about art and why I am so consumed. Today I walked in my garden just after daybreak, looking at the iris flowering in colors and patterns I have never seen. It looked like rain today and I walked back toward my studio, toward the music of Van Morrison and Jeff Buckley, dark strains from David Darling and a Bach selection - more food for the heart. I would not leave the studio today. I am completely inspired and will celebrate my senses and my life by painting and storytelling because I cannot help myself. It is this gift to see and hear and paint my thoughts that inspires me to pick up my brushes again to embark on a journey of dance between reality and imagery. It is very much like being five years old and seeing the world as new. It is mystery and magic that I am privileged to play with.

That is why I paint.

-Roseta Santiago


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