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Leroy Garcia: Owner/President of Blue Rain Gallery featured on the Art Dealer Diaries, hosted by Dr. Mark Sublette

August 3rd, 2022

Blue Rain Gallery Owner/President Leroy Garcia is featured on the Art Dealer Diaries Podcast with Dr. Mark Sublette

" I've known Leroy Garcia of Blue Rain Gallery for 30+ years and his trajectory and my trajectory are very similar. He opened his gallery in Taos and then moved to Santa Fe, having had another location in Scottsdale at one point as well. My gallery is in Tucson and was also in Santa Fe for a time. We share some of the same artists in our stable, as well as the way we do business. Leroy and I are both pro-artist, pro-Native American, and pro-Hispanic art.

You see, Leroy is a mover and shaker in the field and I've always felt that he's one of the best marketers out there. He has a great sense of what needs to be explored as far as how you go about showing and selling art, as well as who you represent in your gallery and the ecosystem a varied array or artists can create. He also has his own podcast, the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast, which I listen to and is a very interesting, unique, artist-centric podcast.

I think if you want to learn about the art world from the viewpoint of the established art dealer, this is a really great podcast to listen to. It's different than most of the other podcasts I've recorded because we talk about what it is to be a gallerist, the things that have to, do and the problems that you encounter, especially in the modern day and age of social media and the rising frequency of direct artist to client relationships.

So I think you'll really enjoy this. I know I did. Leroy Garcia of Blue Rain Gallery."


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