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An Homage to W. Herbert "Buck" Dunton, Episode 53

April 28th, 2023

Blue Rain Gallery presents "An Homage to W. Herbert Dunton," a show in which Blue Rain Gallery artists paint tribute to American painter and illustrator, W. Herbert Dunton. Dunton was a founding members of the Taos Society of Artists known for his paintings of cowboys, New Mexico and the Southwest. This show of new works is scheduled to take place April 28 – May 20, 2023 with an Artist Reception on Friday, April 28th from 5 - 7pm.

This exhibition is the fourth in a series of six scheduled theme exhibitions that cast a spotlight on the pioneering members of the Taos Society of Artists. We present Taos Six Collection: An Homage to W. Herbert Dunton three years after the debut exhibition of An Homage to Oscar E. Berninghaus, two years after the exhibition of An Homage to Joseph Henry Sharp, and one year after An Homage to E. Irving Couse. We look forward to scheduled future exhibitions that continue the Taos Six Collection theme: An Homage to Ernest L. Blumenschein in 2024 and An Homage to Bert Geer Phillips in 2025. “This is an important annual series for Blue Rain Gallery, and we are grateful to our many talented and devoted artists that have taken the challenge yearly. Their commitment to this project has helped strengthen the enduring value and legacy of the series,” states Denise Phetteplace, Executive Director of Blue Rain Gallery. The Taos Society of Artists has captivated many art enthusiasts and collectors over the years. It created an allure that put Taos, New Mexico on the map, both nationally and internationally, as an important art destination. As gallerists that have enjoyed the vitality of the art market in Northern New Mexico for 30 years, we of course feel a certain reverence toward the legacy of the Taos founding painters.

The Taos Six Collection: An Homage to W. Herbert Dunton gives collectors and art enthusiasts alike an opportunity to simultaneously celebrate the past and present. Do not miss a chance to experience this exciting showing at Blue Rain Gallery!

The Taos Six Collection: An Homage to W. Herbert Dunton
April 28 – May 20, 2023
Artist Reception: Friday, April 28th from 5 - 7pm

Participating artists include Dennis Ziemienski, Kathryn Stedham, Jim Vogel, Roseta Santiago, Matthew Sievers, Nathan Bennett, Rimi Yang, Sean Diediker, Robin Jones, Bryce Pettit, Brad Overton, Hyrum Joe, Erin Currier, and GL Richardson.

Special thanks to our Executive Director, Denise Phetteplace.

The Blue Rain Gallery Podcast is hosted by Leroy Garcia and produced by Leah Garcia. Music by Mozart Gabriel Abeyta.


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