What The Hell's Goin' On Here

February 1st, 2022

LARRY D. BLISSETT: What The Hell's Goin' On Here

January 28 – February 12, 2022

Artist Reception: Friday, January 28th from 5 - 7pm 

Artist Statement: 

I don’t know what a lot of Jean Michel Basquiat’s work says, although I’ve heard people compare my work to his. I don’t really see it. I suppose it’s human nature to compare. “A watered-down Picasso” —one of my favorites. “The Chicano Basquiat” and “the Bukowski of the art world,” are two more. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but I am LARRY D. BLISSETT. Are these guys influential? Sure they are. Along with many others, living and not so quite alive: Scholder, Axton, Cecily Brown, Ann Crouch, Tracey Emin, and Howard Hodgkin. Oh yeah, and Ed Mell.


Truth be known, I would really love to be known as the Wolfman Jack of the art world.


Now the artwork, don’t be afraid of the artwork. Some is serious, some is irrelevant or somewhat amusing to some people. And then there are some that just don’t get it. And that’s fine too. I’d settle for a cult following—A large cult following. All I ask is that you look at these paintings and interpret them by the way you feel, however that might be. And also remember that everybody is different and that in itself is a fantastic thing. I try hard not to be boring. Like it or not, I’m laying it out there for the world to see. There are no elaborate words, no bull shit. All from the heart.

-Larry D. Blissett, January 2022


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