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Unveiling Sensuality: Erin Currier's Valentine's Day Nude Drawing Show

February 13th, 2024
Nude figure drawing of a woman's upper body, back turned but slightly facing the observer
Erin Currier, Mexico City, Marker and China Marker on paper, 6"h x 5.5"w

As Valentine's Day approaches, art enthusiasts and connoisseurs have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Erin Currier's "Sin Ropa" exhibition. This collection of nude drawings not only celebrates the artist's unwavering dedication to the ancient art of drawing but also invites viewers to explore the depths of her creative process.

Trio of nude portraits in dynamic poses
Erin Currier, Cusco (top left), Santiago (top right), Tangiers (bottom)

“Sin Ropa” takes a bold departure from Currier's customary luminous portraits, presenting a captivating collection of nude drawings that promise to delve into the intricate realms of romance and human connection.

In a contemporary landscape saturated with high-tech visuals, Erin Currier finds solace and joy in the simplicity of drawing—the oldest and most foundational form of artistic expression. Her fascination with drawing figures has been a lifelong pursuit, and despite her acclaimed success as a painter, Currier consistently returns to the fundamental practice of drawing as a means of artistic exploration.

For the discerning art lover, Currier's sketches offer a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into her creative process, revealing the training and dedication that underpin her large-scale figurative works. These sketches serve as windows into the artist's raw talent and the ongoing narrative of her creative journey.

Pair of nude portrait drawings in similar yet dynamically varied poses
Erin Currier, Berlin (left), New Orleans II (right)

The nude drawings featured captivate with their inherent fluidity, creating an illusion of witnessing the dynamic movements of the models as they pose. Each piece not only showcases technical skill but also conveys a distinct mood, offering an intimate glimpse into the personalities and secrets of the models.

These drawings, with their unembellished simplicity, add a profound layer to Currier's diverse portfolio, unveiling complexities beneath the surface. They provide a fresh and intimate perspective on her artistry, acting as a harmonious counterpart to her large-scale works that capture the profound humanity of her subjects.

Join Blue Rain Gallery as we unveil a new and intimate dimension to her remarkable body of work, beckoning all to experience the beauty and raw authenticity of Erin Currier's art from February 14 - 29, 2024. Don't miss this rare chance to be captivated by the profound expressions of love and artistry intertwined in "Sin Ropa."

Pair of portraits, each showing a nude woman but distinct in their relaxed repose
Erin Currier, La Paz (top), Managua (bottom)

View all of Erin Currier’s nude Valentine's Day show works here.


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