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Cave Temples & Compañeros: A New Show of Mixed Media Paintings by Erin Currier

June 19th, 2024
Three pieces of a common theme in the artist's collection shown hung on her studio wall

What do Italian Modernist poets, Argentine tango dancing, and Tibetan Buddhism have in common? In the talented hands of artist Erin Currier, they all come together in a celebration of both the mystery and the divinity of inspiration in all its forms. Currier's new solo show, "Cave Temples and Compañeros," will be held at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe from June 28 to July 13, 2024. This exhibition highlights the indomitable human spirit by examining the actions, thoughts, talents, and motivations of creative people in all walks of life who find inspiration from a variety of sources and, in turn, convey that inspiration to others.

Two high contrast black and white photos of a work surface in the artist's studio, stacked with books and brushes filling all manner of cups and mugs. Both lit by a bright window, one showing a ghostly reflection of a piece in the collection

“This collection reflects what has kept me excited about painting over all these years,” Currier says. “The more places I travel, the more of our world I experience, and the longer I live in New Mexico, the more I find it to be true that our commonalities as humans far outweigh our differences.”

The artist stands at a large table flipping through inspiration, framed by one of her own artworks standing large in the background

In this series, Currier brings her collage work to the forefront in her signature style, rescuing beautiful and intriguing items from the trash to add dimension, texture, and symbolism to her paintings. The foregrounding of this collage work underscores not only the infinite forms that creative inspiration can take but also the unifying force of that inspiration. Through these works, Currier seeks to rediscover what is bright and creative in the world, even in an era that is often destructive.

A hispanic man wearing glasses and a white tank shirt depicted in a classic Buddha pose with chihuahuas at his feet, the name "Tony" standing out in various elements of the bright decoupage
Erin Currier, Anthony as the Buddha, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 72"h x 60"w
Three smartly dressed gentlemen at a typewriter, each examining freshly inked papers, depicted in an almost glowing sepia tone
Erin Currier, Modern Italian Poets: Saba, Montale, and Ungaretti, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 48"h x 60"w

In "The Modernist Italian Poets," Currier depicts Umberto Saba, Eugenio Montale, and Giuseppe Ungaretti. Using a somewhat monochromatic palette reminiscent of sepia-toned prints, she achieves a spiritual glow similar to her more colorful works. The energy these men project appears more contemplative than explosive, suggesting that inspiration is as much a grounding force as it is a motivating one.

Two paintings of famed tango dancers, each showing their subject in a different pose, both done in high contrast, bold color palettess
Erin Currier: Carlos Gardel as the Buddha, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 36"h x 24"w and Tanguera, Acrylic and Mixed media, 48"h x 36"w

In Carlos Gardel as the Buddha, Currier portrays the revered Argentine tango singer, songwriter, composer and actor as a serene embodiment of joy and wisdom, qualities that speak to the spiritual side of Gardel’s art form. Another tango-related painting, Tanguera, features a dancer whose well-toned muscles and meditative expression hint at the physical, emotional, and spiritual dedication required to master the dance’s intricacies.

A trio of bold colored and stylized paintings featuring cave temple dancers, with decoupaged words placed in poignant positions across their bodies and background
Erin Currier: Cave Temple Dakini, Cave Temple Bodhisattva, Cave Temple Dancer, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24"h x 12"w each
Cave temple dancers depicted cuddling together in a stylized pose amidst a bright decoupaged backdrop
Erin Currier, Cave Temple Lovers, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24"h x 36"w

The Cave Temple Dancer series was inspired by the stunning Buddhist cave temples of Ajanta, India, which are filled with murals, sculptures, and ceiling paintings. “All of the pieces are quiet threads of a humanity that persists—threads that have been woven both into my own life and into a larger universal tapestry,” Currier explains.

Portrait of Erin Currier in her studio, standing in front of a large finished piece while holding the smaller figure study it was based on

Join us at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe for an opening reception from 5 pm to 7 pm on June 28, 2024. Celebrate the launch of "Cave Temples and Compañeros" and experience the unique blend of inspiration, creativity, and human spirit captured in Erin Currier's mixed media paintings.


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