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An Evening with The Santa Fe Symphony

March 21st, 2024

Delve into the captivating ambiance of Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, where an exquisite fusion of artistry, musical resonance, and fine wine awaits discerning patrons. 

The recent soirée, graciously hosted by The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus in collaboration with Casa Rodena Winery, epitomized sophistication and cultural refinement. 

Amidst the gallery's curated masterpieces, guests were enveloped in the symphonic splendor, their senses enriched by the harmonious interplay of visual and auditory stimuli. Casa Rodena's select wines, with their nuanced flavors and refined bouquets, provided an elegant accompaniment, elevating the evening to a symphony of taste and culture. 

Inspired by the success of this distinguished affair, Blue Rain Gallery extends a cordial invitation to consider hosting your forthcoming event within its artistic sanctuary. For inquiries and reservations, please direct correspondence to [email protected] and embark upon an unparalleled journey of aesthetic immersion and refined indulgence.


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