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Russell Sanchez

Walking Bear

Natural clay with Coral, Hematite, and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay, 7.5"h x 6"dia, Item No. 21660,

"Walking Bear" is a captivating natural clay pot by Russell Sanchez, celebrated for his innovative twist on traditional San Ildefonso Pueblo techniques. Sanchez breathes new life into ancient artistry with his unique, visionary flair, boldly experimenting with vibrant colors, dynamic forms, and intricate designs.

This exquisite pot features a mesmerizing black-on-black checkerboard pattern, with coral cabochons delicately inlaid in every other square, creating a dynamic interplay of textures. Elegant rings of cylindrical hematite beads meticulously separate each row of squares, adding a sophisticated touch to the pot’s intricate design. The polished lid, adorned with additional hematite and coral cabochon rings, is crowned with an artfully sculpted bear figure that serves as the pièce de résistance. The bear’s body is lined with mini coral cabochons, a larger piece of polished coral adorns its back, and its eyes are set with enchanting turquoise orbs sourced from Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona.

The vivid coral and turquoise hues contrast brilliantly with the deep black pottery and gleaming hematite, making "Walking Bear" a visual masterpiece. This piece is a testament to Sanchez’s daring blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern artistry, resulting in a truly unique and breathtaking work of art.

In pristine condition, "Walking Bear" reflects the meticulous care and skill poured into its creation, standing as a symbol of artistic excellence.