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Roseta Santiago

First Roses of Spring

Oil on canvas, Image: 12"h x 12"w, Frame: 18.75"h x 18.75"w, Item No. 21657,

In “First Roses of Spring,” Roseta Santiago presents an exquisite still-life of two full-bloom representations of her namesake—one a golden orange, the other a soft light pink—each accentuated by a collar of lush green leaves. The roses are artfully arranged in a blue and white porcelain jar with a flared, gilded rim, imparting a classic charm to the composition. The dark, near-black background creates a dramatic contrast, allowing the roses to flourish in vivid clarity.

The piece is encased in a luxurious closed-corner frame finished in burnished gold leaf to complement the painting’s warm tones. “First Roses of Spring” radiates elegance and timeless beauty, making it the perfect centerpiece for any collection.