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Robin Jones

Year of the Tiger

Oil, 24k gold leaf and white gold leaf on aluminum panel, Image: 24"h x 30"w, framed: 30.25"h x 36.25"w, Item No. 19608,

We are in the Year of the Tiger and we also have an encouraging 2022 tiger population assessment. Tiger numbers have increased 40% since 2015, with an estimated 3,726- 5,578 tigers currently living in the wild worldwide. Much of the increase is due simply to better monitoring of the animals, but there are also better conservation efforts by governments in the countries where they live. Tigers are, however, still considered endangered and their numbers continue to decline in many parts of the world - they’ve lost an enormous amount of their range due to poaching, habitat loss (human over-population) and other human-driven factors.

When we succeed in saving tigers we are conserving very large wilderness landscapes with a huge host of biodiversity, benefitting both human and non-human animals.