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Robin Jones

Burning Only Makes Me Brighter

Oil and gold leaf on aluminum panel, Image: 24"h x 36"w, framed: 31.25"h x 43.25"w, Item No. 20678,

These girls are from Laos, accompanied by Russet Percher dragonflies (found in Asia) and Frangipani.

The country of Laos is among the most vulnerable in the world to projected climate-related hazards, exacerbated by poverty, malnourishment, and high exposure of poor and marginalized communities.

The frangipani is the national flower of Laos and a symbol of sincerity and joy. Girls decorate their clothes and hair with frangipani. A necklace made of frangipani is used to welcome guests. In Buddhism, the frangipani symbolizes the transient nature of all life, thus you see it growing in many temples in Laos, where the predominant religion is Buddhism.