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Raymond Gibby

Timeless Gift

Bronze, edition #13/15, 12"h x 9"w x 8"d, Item No. 20556,

"Imagine a clay pot carefully formed with skillful hands. With those hands, the pot is given as a gift to a loved one at some time in ancient American history. That pot would have been loved and cherished, not only for its useful nature but also because of the memory of the loved one who gave the gift. Over time loved ones and cultures move into history, and the pot gets left behind. The pot lays abandoned on the ground under the persistent heat of the sun. One might feel sorry for the abandonment, but in time, as the pots begins its journey back to the earth from whence it was formed, it provided a hiding place and shade for a local lizard, and a place for a tired crow to rest his weary wings. Eventually, the pot may fully return to the ground, and maybe no other man will notice its once-prized place in the heart of a loved one, yet it takes its rightful place among the beautiful landscape where all creatures can enjoy. Nothing ever ceases to exist. The elements may at times take a different form, but all things exist as a wondrous creative gift." - Raymond Gibby