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Raymond Gibby

No Rest for the Weary

Bronze, edition of 20, 22"h x 16"w x 15"d, Item No. 20574,

"Every autumn the elk rut takes place in which the bull elk struggle to gather as many cow elk as they can for the expressed purpose of breeding and on passing their genetics. In nature’s way, the strongest, and most able bulls have the opportunity to have offspring while inferior elk have limited opportunities. To make sure the best elk passes on genetics, the bulls will size each other up and duel with their massive antlers and the weaker bulls are chased off. The urge to procreate is so strong that the herd bull will ignore the need to eat or rest to secure his breeding rights. By the end of the rut, the bull will have spent so much energy and effort that they lose a great deal of weight and many will actually die in the upcoming winter having diminished their bodies to the point of no return. It is an incredible display of dedication that these mountain monarchs demonstrate." - Raymond Gibby