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Preston Singletary

Killer Whale Totem

Cast lead crystal, 106"h x 33.5"w x 22"d, Item No. 19495,

Introducing the newest monumental work by Preston Singletary to be cast in lead crystal, “Killer Whale Totem”.

Following the success of the “Family Story Totem”, this full- sized totem pole shows Singletary’s clan crest (Killer Whale) in the center, his moiety (Eagle) on top, and a thunderbird in the center that represents David Svenson, the carver of the wooden pole and one of Singletary’s mentors.

The Thunderbird emerges from the mouth of the Killer Whale, which represents Svenson’s crest symbol. At the bottom is the Wolf design, the original moiety for the tribe, which was replaced by the contemporary depiction of an Eagle.