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Norma Howard


Watercolor on paper, Image: 12"h x 16"w, Frame: 21"h x 25"w, Item No. 21628,

In this evocative untitled watercolor painting on paper, Norma Howard captures a picturesque, nostalgic scene featuring four children, possibly of Choctaw and Chickasaw heritage like the artist herself. The children, dressed in meticulously patterned period attire, are engaged in quiet play—one girl holds a doll, and a boy seated on the ground pats a puppy—granting the composition an endearing sense of innocence and warmth. Behind them, Howard intricately details a rustic farm wagon, complete with a classic spring seat, weathered planks, and large spoked wheels.

The painting is presented in an ornate wooden frame with a double mat, featuring subtle symbolic motifs adorning the corners of the inner mat. This thoughtful framing complements the painting’s historical essence, and Howard’s delicate brushwork and keen eye for detail make this piece a timeless addition to any collection.