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Jesse Littlebird

Thru a Door Down a Hallway, a Precious Afterthought Emerges

Mixed media on raw canvas, 96"h x 44"w, Item No. 21477,

Within an expansive ultramarine backdrop adorned with a natural brick motif and a subtle vignette, stands a scarlet doorway beneath a robust, golden lintel. Hints of deeper chambers beckon within the portal, evoking wonder, intrigue, and introspection.

In "Thru a Door Down a Hallway, a Precious Afterthought Emerges," Jesse Littlebird captures the essence of contemporary artistic expression, abstract vision, and ancient mystique. In creating this monumental composition, Littlebird drew inspiration from both the great abstract expressionists and the timeless allure of the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, culminating in an enthralling display of artistic lineage and historical reverence.

To learn more about Jesse Littlebird, his inspirations, and his method, watch and listen to Episode 74 of the Blue Rain Gallery Podcast.