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Erin Currier

Italian Modernist Poets: Saba, Montale, Ungaretti

Mixed media: pen, marker, gouache on paper, Image: 8.5"h x 12"w, Frame: 15.25"h x 18.25"w, Item No. 21734,

Erin Currier's depiction of a modernist Italian triad of legendary poets pays a worthy, authentic homage to their genius and intricate character. Each man is portrayed absorbed in their work—holding pages of poetry or sitting before the keys of a typewriter—with their preferred tobacco vessels clasped in their pensive lips. Currier captures these poets as they were at the heights of their writing careers, using a nostalgic sepia palette that enhances the timeless aura of their creative pursuits. Erin Currier's skillful portrayal of these iconic poets not only captures their essence but also showcases her mastery in conveying depth of character and historical nuance through her artistry.