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Erin Currier

Cave Temple Bodhisattva with Blossom

Mixed media: pen, marker, gouache on paper, Image: 8"h x 6"w, Frame: 14"h x 12"w, Item No. 21736,

In this elegant pen, marker, and gouache drawing, Erin Currier presents a bodhisattva subject in her distinct figural style, evoking the spirit of the Padmapani cave mural from the Ajanta Caves of India. Like Padmapani, Currier’s subject holds a lotus blossom and wears a crown symbolizing divinity and princely nature, yet possesses facial features unique to Currier. Inspired by the original cave mural, the blue backdrop lends a cool, natural undertone to this piece, showcasing Currier’s artistry in both homage and reinterpretation.