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Chris Pappan

Buffalo Woman Brings the Gift of Flight

Pencil / graphite, colored pencil and ink on Evanston municipal ledger, Image: 23”h x 18”w, framed: 31.25"h x 25.25"w, Item No. 19566,

Ascension: Balloon Fiesta Salon at Blue Rain Gallery

Imagining a future where Europeans had more peaceful intentions rather than, well… we all know what happened.  In this future the people are gifted the means to soar in the sky with the winged relatives.  Buffalo Woman will sacrifice her body and it will be filled with hot air that comes from fire in the basket.  The hot air will cause the body to rise into the sky. Human beings will weave the baskets according to their traditions so that they may be recognized while they fly through other peoples lands. This is how it will be.