Yatika Fields

Diving Birds of Green Lake

Oil on canvas, 48"h x 44"w, Item No. 13865,

As a new resident to the Seattle area I was searching for new ideas and inspirations for a painting. My work usually conveys movement and colors of various subject matter joining together to create dynamic forces. I knew I wanted to find something that is of Washington and the Seattle area. Using nature-oriented objects and forms in most of my works I wanted to apply the same for what this new piece would be. I went running one afternoon around Green Lake in Seattle and was watching the diving birds that disappear and reappear while in search for food – Diving under the surface and into the depths of the water. I imagined the landscape below the surface with shadowy silhouettes of the diving birds, crossing over one another layered by the lake’s aquatic plants. After imagining this scene and seeing these birds once again on Lake Union I decided I would paint this image out as my first painting living here in Seattle. Using oil paints, my preferred medium in the studio, this painting conveys a feeling of light coming through the surface as the water moves above, the birds in joined movement as they swim underneath the surface in search for food – abstracted plants and forms convey a swift dance taking place below unseen by the passerby above.

-Yatika Fields