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Vivian Wang

Korean Tiger

Cast glass, stoneware, silk pillows, gold leaf and gemstones (citrine, moonstone, garnet, and crystal), Boy: 23"h x 16"w x 15"d, Tiger: 7"h x 5"w x 8"d, Item No. 21140,

Depicted is a very young boy of the Korean royal court during the Joseon dynasty (1392 - 1910).  He wears a Hanbok, the most well-known traditional Korean attire. It’s characterized by its bright colors, loose and flowing lines, and simple yet elegant silhouettes.  

During this period, the clothing worn by the royal court featured intricate designs, luxurious silk fabrics and elaborate accessories.  His attire is playfully adorned with gold “rank” badges which were especially designed for his outfit.  Adult “rank” badges actually depicted the hierarchy of one's social standing.

The boy is also wearing a traditional headband called a Manggeon, which in ancient times secured the hair in place after making a topknot.  His loose fitting trousers, a Baji, allowed the wearer to sit easily on the floor.  The boy is seated on a silk brocade pillow.  By his side is his beloved pet baby tiger.