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Russell Sanchez

Bear Fetish

Natural clay with Kingman turquoise, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and hematite inlay, 3"h x 2.25"w x 5"d, Item No. 21627,

Russell Sanchez’s “Bear Fetish” harmoniously blends tradition and innovation. Crafted from natural clay, this stunning piece embodies the spirit of the bear—a symbol of strength and serenity. The smooth, polished surface is embellished with a textured underbelly, and delicate carved patterns, subtle symbols, and precious stones that adorn the bear’s rounded back.

The Kingman turquoise, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and hematite inlays create a striking contrast against the dark clay, adding vibrant hues and a metallic sheen to the composition. These stones evoke the sky and water, a theme accentuated by the sienna-colored clay that serves as ‘banks’ to the intricate belt of turquoise and hematite cabochons that saddle the sleek form.

The piece’s clean lines and curves convey both power and grace, making “Bear Fetish” a captivating fusion of ancestral materials, contemporary design, and timeless symbolism. Sanchez’s work not only pays homage to traditional craftsmanship but also pushes the boundaries of modern art, creating a piece that resonates with both historical significance and contemporary aesthetics.