Roseta Santiago

The Legend of the Trapper's Daughter

Oil on linen, Image: 40"h x 30"w, framed: 49.5"h x 39.5"w, Item No. 15762,


Legends are often fact embellished with fiction. . . My subjects are often a bit of both. I imagined a French trapper who, centuries ago, travelled through the Southwest and was dazzled by the beauty of a Navajo woman known throughout the Frontier lands as a master trapper, scout, and trader. This is unique in the rough territories he hunted, but one day he met and married this marvel of a woman. They had twelve daughters who grew up with the talents of both parents. They named their eldest daughter "TY" who became the legendary trapper's daughter with her expertise in trading for bountiful contraband and her undeniable natural beauty.

-Roseta Santiago