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Robin Jones

The Warrior Whispers Back, "I AM the Storm"

Oil, 24k gold leaf and white gold leaf on aluminum panel, Image: 24"h x 36"w, framed: 31.5"h x 43.5"w, Item No. 19612,

The Yellow-Headed Amazon is an endangered amazon parrot of Mexico and northern Central America. It lives in mangrove forests or forests near rivers or other bodies of water, mainly in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and even the southmost region of Texas.

Poaching for the international pet trade has driven the species to near-extinction in the wild; around half of all wild-caught birds are thought to die in the process. The Yellow-Headed Amazon is considered Endangered by the IUCN.

The title for this painting comes from the quote: “Fate whispers to the warrior ‘You cannot withstand the storm’. The warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm'." - Unknown