Robin Jones

Like the House Is On Fire

Oil and 24K gold leaf on aluminum, Image: 30"h x 24"w, framed: 36.5"h x 30.5"w, Item No. 18507,

This painting is an early preview of new work for Robin Jones's Debut Show with Blue Rain Gallery titled "One Thread."  "One Thread" opens October 29, 2021.  

An homage to the youth climate activists across the globe who inspire me everyday. Although this is not a portrait of Greta Thunberg, I have included her now-famous protest sign. When she was 16, Thunberg addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, giving a blistering speech to world leaders who were not doing enough to combat global climate change:

“Adults keep saying “We owe it to the young people to give them hope”. But I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.”