Martin Spei

Puppet King

Wood, SED, milk paint, leather rope, found metal, magnets, 58"h x 23"w x 14.5"d; Base 32.5"h x 32.5"w x 17"d, Item No. 15382,

The Figurehead’s strings seem random. Then
you see the grace of movement the chaotic
controls give this awkward King. He shows you,
there are no accidents whatsoever in the
The monarch’s mechanics fade from your vision
as he charms you with his production. On this
stage is the final act of a never-ending play.
The King will perform night after night for an
eternity, on every plane of existence. He has the
power to make it never end, to make this night
go on forever. In the Kingdoms of the Puppets
death has no dominion.