Martin Spei

Nostromo (6 figure set)

Iron or bronze, Average size of each figure: 4"h x 4.5"w x 2.5"d, Item No. 12034,

Inspired by Polish novelist, Joseph Conrad's 1904 novel of the same name; he may have used a corruption of the Italiannostro uomo, our man. Nostromo is a daring leader who is confided in and trusted by everyone. Although he is respected by the wealthy, he is never admitted to high society. They use him and force him to lose his idealism and incorruptibility.

These men are movable players trusted by the privileged to lead them and care for their interests. Confronting infallibility is difficult, perhaps even they cannot imagine their downfall. They are heavy and solid, but can be easily moved. They have relinquished their power of control to the viewer.