Martin Spei

King of Oblivion

Wood, SED, milk paint, found metal, rope, 50"h x 81"w x 72"d, Item No. 15381,

The King is sleeping, his frame stretched into
the aisle. Here he sits exhausted from his labor,
but not ever ceasing the plea of his large open
hand. The other clutches something, but his big
empty head cannot remember why.
An empty and heavy head that wobbles and
then slides the little crown around; if he dozes
hard it could fall. Someone will return the
crown to his head, over and over. Someone will
straighten or twist his long ridiculous limbs, as
needed. An institutional cabal supports him
here, it seems he has been their emissary
Nobody else remembers where he came from
or why he is here, neither does he. He recalls,
from somewhere, a sad, old tradition of ruling
people, nothing more.