Martin Spei

King Justice

Wood, SED, milk paint, found metal, plastic, leather, rope, 106"h x 31"w 24"d, Item No. 15379,

The Court of Justice is disguised as a fun
house with the King of Fun presiding. He is
making sure everyone is having a great time.
Ha, Ha, laugh at yourself in the mirror as
you approach the rolling courtroom with
the slammer of justice. Do not worry if you
cannot see the Judge - He cannot see you
either. His happy little head with the crown
of zip-tie restraints is on a bouncy spring, do
not take anything around here too seriously,
until you should.
There at the back the executioners cloak
hangs empty waiting for its next happy
hangman. The anointed jury waits in the
dark chamber. These men celebrated on
medallions still desperate to impose their
power on someone, anyone. Keep smiling at
the crazy King Justice, you have to.