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Martin Blundell

Desert Light

Oil on canvas, Image: 36"h x 36"w, Frame: 37.25"h x 37.25"w, Item No. 21652,

“Desert Light” by Martin Blundell is a mesmerizing oil on canvas composition that features a vast, layered desert landscape bathed in vivid twilight hues. The sky is awash with stunning shades of lavender, mauve, and indigo that find delicate balance with the subtle gold highlights catching on the underside of larger clouds. The landscape below is rendered in velvety fuschias and rich purples, accentuated by eye-catching stripes of coral and understated strokes of cobalt. Dark silhouettes of desert trees—befitting creosote, palo verde, or piñon—punctuate the scene, gracing it with depth and contrast to the sweeping horizontal bands of dreamy color.

“Desert Light” embodies the ethereal beauty and serene enchantment of the desert at dusk or dawn. Blundell’s daring use of a vivid palette and bold textures enthralls the viewer, forming a striking work of art that promises to be a memorable addition to any collection.