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Kathryn Stedham

Desert Trio

Oil on canvas, Image: 24"h x 30"w, Frame: 27.25"h x 33.25"w, Item No. 21773,

A trio of horses—familiar, cherished subjects of Kathryn Stedham—stand together in an arroyo in the Nambe badlands amidst reddish sands and scraggly sagebrush. The high bank of the arroyo serves as the skyline, with an expanse of arid plains stretching into the distance, devoid of a traditional sky. This distinct, innovative composition captures the essence of the vast, desert landscape, emphasizing the raw beauty and resilience of the horses and their environment. Stedham’s masterful use of earthy tones and rich textures brings depth and realism to the scene, while the horses' poised stances convey quiet strength and camaraderie. This work is a testament to Stedham's ability to blend traditional subject matter with a unique perspective, making it a striking piece that invites viewers to contemplate the enduring bond between nature and its inhabitants.

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