Jim Vogel

Special Delivery

Oil on salvaged steel fire-door (frame collaboration with Christen Vogel), 7'5"h x 3'1"w x 3"d, Item No. 18541,

During WWII many women moved into the work force in positions previously believed suitable only for men. This was to replace the men enlisted into the armed forces. More than just Rosy the Riveter, these women filled rolls up and down the railways to keep the home industries chugging along. Many Hispanic and African American women came onboard the ATSF railway and here I imagined this young woman working along the east to west route thru New Mexico. Tossing the outgoing mail onto the platform of a small station as a hook attached to the trainer grabbed the inbound mail, she would have her timing down to the second. Utilizing the original rivets on the door, I painted a small silver and turquoise ring picked up along the way. She also sports a small brass pin from a soldiers uniform on her cap, a reminder of the importance of the role she plays in the home effort.