Jim Vogel

Angel o Diablo

Oil on canvas panel with antique bird cage frame, 16"h x 10.25"w; with bird cage: 16"h x 10.25"w x 8"d, Item No. 13071,

Frame in collaboration with Christen Vogel

The aviary boxcar's side door slid open and the whitening light of dawn poured into the interior, shooing away the last loitering shadows of the long night. Then, at last, the great wings opened as wide as the cage would allow and revealed the body that had been hidden behind their cover. Aetius, the being that had inspired great fear in Dev Nazik, by far the biggest, most intimidating person Vidal had ever seen, was not but a man, albeit one with enormous feathered appendages sprouting from his shoulder blades. As Vidal's eyes adjusted to the sudden illumination of his surroundings, Aetius' entire body and his wondrous wingspan seemed to glow before him.