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Erin Currier

Tres Graces Nuevo Mexico Style

Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 60"h x 72"w, Item No. 21721, On Hold

I have created numerous large scale collage paintings over the years, with groupings of three, four, five, even more, figures, in order to represent the ever-present potential of our solidarity in all of our shared human struggles, triumphs, & endeavors. I have long wanted to create a Three Graces honoring New Mexico; the work of this series grounded in Inspiration seemed the ideal opportunity, because there is nowhere in the World that has inspired me in the way that New Mexico has & continues to. 

Tres Graces is a ‘gracias’ & a radiant celebration of everything that I love most: the Arts, Dance, Cultural Traditions, the Natural World. One woman represents the Pueblos, and is a custodian of the Lands: of seeds, crops, water, sustenance, as well as Art & Dance that emerge from these lands. Another woman represents all of the Arts: painting, drawing, murals, tattoos, as well as Hispanic cultural traditions. In the third woman, a Flamenco dancer, Europe, North Africa, and the Americas converge: she is representative of Dance, theatre, performance— be it the sacred dances of the Pueblos, or the swing dances at bars, hall, & city plazas, or the circus performances of Wise Fool…

My friend, artist Nicholas Herrera’s 1937 Chevy Coupe is representative of the rich lowrider scene. Through the use of trash, I’ve given a nod to everything from Johnny Tapia & boxing rings & the UFC scene, chiles, the film industry & independent cinemas, Meow Wolf, drumming, hummingbirds & the birding scene, New Mexico’s own “Vegas”, the Mexico that we once were, catholicism, even aviation & the military.. 

All of the elements move brightly & with velocity — even shimmer— beneath New Mexico’s incomparable signature Blue Sky.